Slimming tea or make their own health effectively

Slimming tea or make their own health effectively Abstract: office workers often eat no nutrition food, after the accumulation of sedentary fat, love snacks, desserts such as female, are very easy to cause the accumulation of fat.

Commuters often eat no nutrition food, sedentary meal fat accumulation, snacks, desserts like women , are very easy to cause the accumulation of fat.

But the accumulation of fat on human health has brought great health risks , such as fatty liver. In view of such sub-health, to recommend several effective cellulite health tea.

A soothing, cellulite tea production

Adaptation: obesity, lack of Qi and blood.

Ingredients: black tea 3G, 100 ml milk, a little salt.

Practice: 1, the tea in boiling water. 2, milk boiling pot. 3, add salt and stir the tea.

Effect of tea: black tea helps digestion, removing grease. Milk beauty sleep. With drinking can moisten skin, slimming.

Not suitable for people: do not fasting drink at bedtime.

Two, anti constipation grease tea production

Adaptation: indigestion, constipation caused by obesity.

Ingredients: green tea, jujube honey 20g 2g.

Practice: 1, with about 85 degrees of boiling water for tea. 2, add jujube honey stir for 2 minutes or so drinking.

Effect of tea: green tea, heat detoxification, help digestion, remove grease, jujube honey Runfei bowel, improve sleep, spleen and kidney. With the treatment of constipation, drinking can help digestion, slimming.

Not suitable for: Patients with diabetes mellitus.

Three, help digestion Quzhi tea production

Adaptation: after digestion, irregular eating less sedentary lead to obesity.

Ingredients: green tea, lotus leaf, hawthorn amount amount amount.

Practice: 1, mix the above materials, can also be crushed and packaged into tea bags. 2, add boiling water to drink, drink not too much.

Effect of tea: green tea Qingrejiedu, Liangxue cellulite, lotus embellish bowel, Yama Suke digestion, blood stasis. With drinking can effectively help sedentary digestive food, slimming effect.

Not suitable for: diarrhea.

Fat paper or meat often friends can prevent obesity caused by fatty liver disease, afraid of fat skinny people also moderate drinking can prevent long fat oh!

By using this kind of method is afraid of losing weight is not successful?

By using this kind of method is afraid of losing weight is not successful? Abstract: multi Zheng Yan is still beating? Still drink slimming tea? There are both fun and effective way to lose weight is popular.

Electronic games have been a sedentary activity. Because most of the games are done by the keyboard or mouse handle, early game player to save the princess beat when bad guys don’t usually consume too much physical strength.

The original address “” “

Nintendo’s Wii game console to change this, but the exercise brought almost zero. Wii Fit can really bring a little amount of exercise for people, but the penetration speed is very slow, but the high price of this fitness balance board to discourage many people.

On the other hand, virtual reality is completely different. Like Omni, KAT such solutions, allowing users to achieve in the virtual reality environment of infinite run, to further enhance the sense of reality in space. There are also a series of virtual reality games can let users in a few minutes sweating. For those who want both entertainment and fitness users, virtual reality is a perfect solution. Private fitness coach Tim Donahey has come up with a plan, hope to meet such a game player.

The name “VR Fitness 50 Day Challenge” project includes 4 different Vive games to allow users to keep moving, jumping, ducking back and forth. Donahey said he believed the four games he has chosen is a virtual reality game on the market the greatest amount of exercise. In order to strengthen the exercise effect, Donahey also uses a weighted vest. In the 7 week of training, he managed to lose 14.4 pounds, this effect can be comparable to many expensive fitness courses.

He made the daily plan:

The plan for Donahey was welcomed by many, many people are beginning to develop a similar plan. Not long ago, in the Reddit vive community in a user posting said, he plans to challenge 50 days up to 100 days.

This plan has also attracted a lot of media attention, because for a long time there are a lot of people try to combine the game and fitness. Virtual reality is perhaps the first tool can realize the possible.

Following is our Donahey interview:

Q: if a thing you can change Vive to optimize the training, then what would you choose?

Donahey: users can optimize the Vive iteration of the future can be optimized with what sports training stuff is actually the same thing: lighter and more breathable tou Xian and wireless technology. This is two things, but I am looking forward to the two can appear in the second generation of Vive.

Q: how do you prevent sweat effect the first significant life?

Donahey: the lack of these features of the first generation of Vive basically is to hinder its become most suitable for fitness equipment. The head was very heavy, the first significant permeability is not good, no radiation, these things are the reasons lead to sweat. The skill is in before the sweat into the first significant internal processing the sweat, avoid because of “leakage” and make no warranty warranty. To do a few things to me as the “sweat management”, but the key is to increase air circulation, ventilation and sweat absorption.

Open air conditioning.

The fan alignment game area.

The use of breathable clothes. PET is the best fiber or other synthetic fiber with good ventilation.

Do not use ear headset. Ear headset cooling is not good, it is best to use earplugs.

Use scarf wrapped head.

The use of sweat hair wrapped scarf.

These things can be as much as possible to keep the foam seal dry, and will make me more comfortable. Every night I would wash foam, occasionally be soaked in a mild detergent, and let them dry for a night. This second day foam gasket will be like as fresh chrysanthemum.

Q: do you think virtual reality fitness has broad prospects?

Donahey:VR as a way of fitness is to attract people, which can take strict physical exercise has become a subsidiary of the game, let people get exercise in the enjoyment of the game also can. In VR, physical exercise is the game of “side effects”, rather than people play the game goal. When I exercise, I never feel in exercise. Boxing boxing, archery game feeling is the feeling is the archery game, the game is the game of fencing fencing feeling. In fact, it can also bring me a stable aerobic exercise, and can consume hundreds of calories. This is the core of VR fitness attraction. VR can be transmitted to you a very realistic environment, you are not aware of the game in the end how much physical effort. So, yes, I think there is a broad prospect.

Q: what do you think of their own choosing game enough to attract people, can make people in ten weeks still interested?

Donahey: yes. Continue to play a game with one of the advantages is that I become more and more skilled. My speed is faster, more accurate, more agile, my ability, my grades are. This is an important reason for the game game player can always bring satisfaction. I think it belongs to the “high strength” of the game is not much. A “HoloPoint”, “The Thrill of the Fight”, “Bitslap” and “Sword Master VR”. For moderate game warm-up and relax is not much. A “shield” sound, “fruit ninja VR” and “Holoball”. But I believe that the market there are many I haven’t tried the game, I am looking forward to the next time you can play these games.

Q: you have to change yourself or other habits, said most of the success (weight loss) are derived from the Vive?

Donahey: in order to maintain the integrity of the challenge, not only focus on the Vive and other sport is very important. I was the only other movement is pushing baby carriages, with my 19 month old son for a walk. I did not use any Paleo (like primitive diet) and Keto (ketogenic diet) dietary guidelines like this, but I will try to choose a good eating habit. I choose more nutritious food rather than junk food such as French fries. I seldom drink milk, because milk is not healthy, but because if I choose to drink 250 calorie drink or eat 250 calories, then I will choose to eat. I sometimes eat a cheeseburger or ice cream, but I also eat a lot of salad. The biggest change is my diet I only eat can be calculated or estimated calories. I have to measure my calorie consumption using Polar HRM, and MyFitnessPal to monitor my calorie intake, I will decide the amount and distribution of calories every day, in this range. So every day I can eat 2200 more calories but still can lose weight.

Q: can you tell me more about your studio situation? Do you have plans to launch the application focus on fitness?

Donahey: information has not been announced, but I hope that we are developing what I mentioned before can fill the blank of fitness. My team and I, ATG is “VR: Fit” development studio. This is a complete network, including various experience fun, competitive and challenging. This is the moment I can say things, but most of the games we are developing in the will not let you feel this is the goal of the game is to fitness.

Don’t know whether you are interested in virtual reality fitness?

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Fat tiger: 50 days minus 35 pounds, aunt and girls only a box of fat tiger distance

Fat tiger: 50 days minus 35 pounds, aunt and girls only a box of fat tiger distance Abstract: after I am confident, and people no longer inferior, can go to pick my love clothes, but not before I pick clothes, Guan Jian is I lose weight is almost 5 months, body weight was maintained at 105, the real weight loss is to reduce fat, and does not rebound.

I grew up is easy fat physique, is always hovering between the fat and fat, 158 height I, has been trying to control weight to about 110. But after work, work pressure increases and the effect of postpartum obesity, my body weight gains. From 120 to 140 has been soaring.

In fact, this is only to blame not shut up. That fat man are born like life, to reduce fat. I am no exception, I eat easy to eat, but is greedy, see the delicacy can’t put down the chopsticks. The street encounter when shopping to buy some delicious, especially love to eat sweets, eat to bloom in the taste buds on the well-being. I love traveling is the local special snack will sweep again.

But God is always fair, in your endless enjoyment of delicacy at the same time, will also face because the body fat and do not wear beautiful clothes embarrassment. 140 weight let me dare not to go to the store to buy clothes, I’m afraid of being laughed at, because not be afraid of tailored contempt clerk. Once more than 120 pounds, when I try on clothes in the entity, and a beauty and a fancy, I get the maximum number, and the family is M, the results I put out is the aunt, wearing out is the goddess, I myself have shame shame, since then I only in a treasure buy XL Korean women, because of the need to cover my belly fat, even before I met the tiger also bought maternity in the last year.

In fact, not I don’t want to, I also tried a variety of methods, I have eaten before the famous QuMei, besunyen slimming tea, Korean in charge to lose weight, eat L-carnitine combined with exercise, palpitation uncomfortable but in order to slim down, even to learn dance, dance every day overload let me hungry to eat too fast many. I still insist on, every time before the cut to look forward to, the result is a failure again and again, but also caused damage to the body, cause my menstruation, but also from 125 to 141 pounds of fat. A variety of nearly 5 years to lose weight toss, let me heart broken.

I’m going to lose weight in time to lose confidence, may God have mercy on me, let the fat tiger and I soon, when I was sent rose yoryu dealers in the platform, see the company CFO from 190 pounds to 146 pounds thinner, I ignored the opposition husband (because I lose weight too many times without success to minus husband) attended the first long training camp, the idea is very simple, I must be thin, so I went to Hangzhou, the first day to hear about the human body fat and knowledge, I was shocked, attracted me the most is that it is in line with the scientific principle of real fat, and from the United States of modern engineering the design of technology, nutritious meals containing dozens of lipolytic enzymes and coenzyme, can effectively help the body fat metabolism. The construction of professional knowledge and I can’t wait to try, the first day of the original data is 70.4 kg, two days I lost 4.2 pounds (the first two days of data is not saved to) this is the third day of 68.3 kilograms.

I took less than 50 days, was reduced to 105 pounds, look after weight loss is not changed from me, aunt sister, took my dream costume photos.

Cut down after I know there is a lot like I used to like the inferiority of the obese friends, I want to say no when products and good methods, it is difficult to lose weight, find good products and methods, it is easy to lose weight, I have a friend of the first day of less than 4.6 pounds, she said to me. Can’t believe how hard, because in the past are not out of a pound of meat, and this little biscuits imperceptibly let me lost 4.6 pounds of fat, in fact, you only need to do, and leave the rest to the fat tiger, when you are in trouble because of obesity, imagine you look pretty sexy the dress looks like, then loudly said to myself: what else can I have exposed the waistline, dew fat, plus insist, you can lean into it!

After I am confident, and people no longer inferior, can go to pick my love clothes, but not before I pick clothes, Guan Jian is I lose weight is almost 5 months, body weight was maintained at 105, the real weight loss is to reduce fat, and does not rebound. Even before I began to convince myself, I will always stay fat, I will always cover the hypertrophy of the maternity in convergence of my inferiority. Did not think so fast, like a godsend like the fat tiger into my life. Let me lean back myself!

Pay attention to fat tiger (zhilaohu168) for more information, professional sports!

The enzyme to lose weight: do not drink!

The enzyme to lose weight: do not drink! Abstract: the enzyme to lose weight: do not drink!

The enzyme to lose weight: do not drink!

All weight woman’s lifelong career, but the weight loss really good pain ah, it will work during the day tired, come back at night to cook wash clothes every day, go up Luke is not 500 meters, what thoughts that healthy exercise to lose weight, but you have not thought about it? The exposed arm barelegged season has arrived, your stomach, elephant legs really cannot indulge.

The modern people to quickly lose down the unhealthy, minus is the body of water, not fat; even some people choose to go on a diet, especially in the summer hot season, little attention will lead to syncope, as the saying goes: people are iron rice is steel, do not eat a meal hungry. But if you are really determined to lose weight, the weight of enzyme method may be able to help you.

The enzyme weight is run several times more bathrooms, advocate healthy diet completely mistaken, enzyme and scientific management to abandon the traditional weight, slimming tea, slimming drugs and acupuncture, liposuction and other weight loss methods, in order to improve the problem of obesity. The enzyme is divided into enzyme and fast weight loss meal two methods for overweight and obese people, recommended fasting to lose weight weight loss and detoxification enzyme, two pronged.

In this era of easy to lean to the United States, both men and women should be healthy, no limit of over indulgence will only increase the burden of the body, although the dress and thin strip meat more like talking about men, available in women is also suitable for 7 days to lose weight enzyme process, can no longer rely on tights to highlight the body, have no fear in this free dew season cover, let your feminine.

The enzyme to lose weight: really can’t drink, Bai Najib fresh Vegetable & Fruit 79 fusion enzyme extract, only 7 days, maybe there will be unexpected gains!

For more details, you can click on the link online health fitness expert

Enzyme fasting, fat without dehydration!

Enzyme fasting, fat without dehydration! Abstract: Nowadays, more and more people lose weight, but only a handful can slim down, this is why? After all, in the way. The enzyme fasting diet for 7 days, “subtraction” life is not thin difficult.

Losing weight lies in reducing fat, not dehydration. This is why the use of slimming tea, slimming thin early so quickly, one of the reasons is because the row is water, not fat.

Want to slim down, is the key to improve the physique. 7 days of ferment fasting diet, physical body puffs away, remodeling.

Part.1 3 days preparation period

The preparation period of 3 days, from the diet to the fasting period is important period, especially the first step is the start of the third night, is to use the 50ml enzyme instead of dinner. I believe that many people feel very puzzled, but experts pointed out: do not eat at night is no problem, in general do not exercise after dinner itself will lead to fat deposition, instead of enzymes in increase satiety at the same time, can promote the decomposition of fat.

Part.2. 7 days fasting enzyme

Ferment fast for 7 days to open, this process is long and arduous, but every day edible enzymes, can accelerate the natural fat consumption, converted into heat, but also can improve the decomposition and accumulation of stool The new supersedes the old., toxins in the gut in the fold. In fact, there is a scientific basis for fast enzyme, enzyme is enzyme, amylase, lipase like and so on, each enzyme has its specific function, the lack of one or several enzymes will make the body function decline, so 2-3 times per year to make up for the lack of fasting enzyme, enzyme, quick “waist fine” is not a dream.

Part.3 3 days of refeeding period

3 days of refeeding period is the transition to a normal diet by liquid and semi liquid food, but in the recovery after eating, and avoid eating and drinking. After 13 days of adjustment, the body has not been restored to the best condition, eat too much indigestion will cause discomfort, The loss outweighs the gain.

Taiwan Bai Najib enzymes, enzyme quality brand, for 3 consecutive years won the top high-end enzymes. With millions of acres of organic Vegetable & Fruit farm, natural conditions richly endowed by nature and superb brewing technology, the Bai Najib enzyme sought after by people and love, is a good reputation, high quality product enzyme repo rate. The 7 day fasting diet enzyme to the body, do subtraction, enjoy “thin” thin.

Attention to diet and health and health knowledge, to obtain enzyme products the most professional purchase advice, please add a nutritionist micro signal: bainaji8 (long press copy), welcome to consult the exchange!

Expose the money lying on tens of millions of black chain!

Expose the money lying on tens of millions of black chain! Abstract: every open WeChat circle of friends, you can always see some WeChat friends every kind of chicken soup and the forwarding of health posts, unexpected is that behind the forwarding of the hidden “forward” false advertising industry chain.

Micro turn it official group chat

Every morning to open WeChat, will always find the circle of friends is every kind of Chicken Soup for the scraper. The title is often like this: “life is often the pit dug himself”, “in the future to upset you”, or is told by the experts said: “your girl!”, “long life you have to mention 30 advice”, “the five kinds of food do not you can eat”……

What is surprising is that WeChat friends forwarded these articles, for others to make money.

Recently, the survey found that most of the chicken by a special WeChat number or APP forwarding platform to distribute registered personnel by forwarding such advertisement articles to get into, forwarding a 1 to 5 cents; a 100 thousand + article, forwarding platform can obtain 30 thousand yuan of grey income.

In addition to the chicken soup for spamming, built-in ads will give users a misleading, even is a hoax.

Network security experts pointed out that the circle of friends the chicken soup gradually replaced the TV shopping, become inferior health care products, fake drugs to lose weight, breast enhancement products marketing channels. Due to the lack of supervision, exaggerating the advertising effect, the quality of their products would be even worse.

Last June, Song Yu’s father for the micro signal, after every day to give her a lot of forwards health and Jack the day up to twenty or thirty.

Sometimes in the morning to six o’clock, mobile phone Ding tone will wake Song Yu, she is a “morning eat egg the amazing benefits sent to his father, do you know?””

Not to the unit, the father and a “depressed look at the donkey, change your mind!””

Often up to half, Song Yu’s mobile phone rang out a series of “Ding”, she said, do not look, it was her dad forwarding health chicken paper.

“He not only sent me alone, every hair circle of friends, he will turn to feel useful.” Song Yu said.

In Song Yu’s father’s circle of friends, “life to make four friends”, “take a medlar anti-aging, than to eat Tang Sengrou” such topics are shuabing.

But Song Yu is not the father may be forwarded enthusiastic on behalf of others and make more money, are more likely to harm.

In March 2015, according to “Nanfang Daily” reported that Guangdong Liu spent 1760 yuan on the net, bought a “blood diamond wild oats” male health products. After taking, Liu received harassing phone calls. There have been “director” and “President” and other characters, in order to cure as an excuse to let Liu to buy all kinds of out of order medicine; then there is the “Consumer Protection Commission personnel” and “financial personnel” and “manager” role, said in front of “appearance” of people, according to Liu compensation, but to the pay taxes.

So, just a few months time, old Liu Hui 14 money, a total of more than 540 thousand yuan. However, for so long, the results are not final, Liu alarm. The police after two months of investigation, in Guangxi, Nanning smashed the fraud Gang, arresting 17 people. It is reported that, in order to deceive Liu, fraud gang has dispatched 8 people.

“Blood diamonds of wild oats” scam continues, but they may be hidden in the middle of chicken soup. April 18th, homicide detective No. 37 in two different forwarding platform the advertising links below, find two claims to receive free goods.

One such “lose weight, 10 people 9 people successfully” the link below is the exposure of the “blood diamonds of wild oats”, advertising that “import Arabia, take 20 to 40 days, can continue to grow 4-7 cm”.

In the advertisement pages to fill in the phone, after submitting the address. The next day, customer service call that businesses in Wuhan, sent two boxes of products from Wuhan, postage and material fee totaling 200 yuan.

Agent to buy diamonds of wild oats

In April 21st, officers received a “blood diamond wild oats”, written on the box with the collection of 200 yuan. The courier said, send goods postage has been paid for 18 yuan.

“The packaging of blood diamonds of wild oats” is marked with the small print “tablet candy”, the manufacturer for a biotechnology company in Guangdong Province, is the use of food production license no.. Through the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration informed, food production license of the enterprise only for the production of candy.

Cheetah mobile security expert Li Tiejun pointed out that the post free delivery is actually stuck, customers have to pay the cost is much higher than that of the value of goods and postage. This kind of advertisement through the micro platform to spread platform using the forwarding articles or advertising links into a large number of users forwarding by false advertising in the circle of friends.

“Forwarding share articles will be able to make money, 1 minutes to earn 1 yuan, the monthly income of 10000 yuan lying.” Such advertisements are likely to appear in each person’s circle of friends.

The agent through WeChat and APP platform, search for “forwarding articles”, to search a lot of such forwarding task platform public number.

Certified as a Xiamen Network Technology Co., Ltd. “forwarding the public number,” making money “and” new school “and other functions, click on the” start making money “, will jump to third pages, users need to use the mobile phone number registered login.

Forwarding page in a variety of task platform, officers found, forwarded the article but “health” and “parenting”, “Feng Shui”, “emotion” and other types, each article has forwarding and browsing income from 0.01 yuan to 0.05 yuan.

The customer service personnel, users will share to my circle of friends, as long as there are people reading, the system will automatically count the amount of reading, every reading, users can get 0.03 yuan to 0.05 yuan, if someone again forwarded, reading also registered users to commission.

A forward earnings record

The task platform, users can also recruit apprentice, apprentice to share the revenue, cash income every success, will have to mention the amount of 20% as the initial customer referral commission.

It is not difficult to find, at the end of the forwarding platform on each article are implanted in advertising. The first half had forwarded the article business users “warm water cup”. The platform and forwarding revenue from advertisers, of course, the forward get only a small part of.

“Warm water cup”, around 2013, all kinds of forwarding platform began to appear in WeChat, last year reached the peak of competition. “When the original good, one day earn hundred blocks, then forwarding platform, also be, coupled with the Tencent hit, the forwarding income decreased.”

Those links in the chicken soup advertising, will the content, such as fitness articles, advertising will be at the tail part of the breast, weight loss and so on. At the same time, these are the tail of chicken soup with product promotion links, just click on the inside, you will see the corresponding product features and buying links.

“So in the normal forwarding of people do not know the circumstances, people have to earn money. Also a lot of people buy, or where the money to pay the forwarder.” A cup of warm water said.

Forwarding platform in a plurality of chicken soup, each article and have a lot of advertising, more involved in breast weight loss and health products.

A “commuters often cold need to decompress the health articles, into plenty of advertisements, pictures of the female sexy, provocative sexually explicit text. “Art school girls are unspoken rule”, “17 year old girlfriend was imprisoned when xx”. Click to enter, is a male health products advertisement, which is similar to the speech rehabilitation pornography articles.

The chicken soup with advertising

The same in a forward 100 thousand + news video in the article, a large number of implanted porn ads, click enter, that is a health care underwear ads.

After comparison, slimming tea, dozens of Yuan shipping on Taobao slimming capsule, health care underwear, with the brand, with the specifications of the product in the circle of friends can sell hundreds of thousands of yuan, the price is more than ten times.

A forwarding platform insiders, forwarding the head end position will automatically display advertising, implantation of pornographic images is to let people see you want to point, so as to improve the conversion rate of advertising.

The forwarding platform responsible person, currently forwarding platform advertising mostly for breast slimming, male health products, these products are suspected of false propaganda, so these products on advertising in the formal platform.

Forwarding platform will also have scruples about advertising, a glance to endanger the lives of false advertising, forwarding platform can not take. A forwarding platform official, such as advertising mainly about cancer drugs, tell people a few courses can be cured, this kind of advertising is not done, the relative risk is big, “hundreds of dollars to thousands of things we can not take away.”

The staff said, does not need to press products for early detection, even if not in the same city, also can pay directly on advertising.

For the quality of the products, a platform responsible person said, “you can’t check the genuineness of the product, because the chicken itself is walking a fine line advertising suspicion. As long as the product does not harm or to other.

In April 12th, officers contact a company called “forwarding platform microshift gold”, the platform is located in a district near Tongzhou Beiguan bridge Sanshiyiting room.

April 14th morning 11 am, the platform in the office, more than 10 employees are in the maintenance of web page.

The platform is responsible for Wang Yewu claiming to do tea business, just a slight turn gold company products. He put the money as a platform “opportunity”, “if you want to earn money to avoid some. As health care products, publicity may not exaggerate the formal platform.”

Forwarding the micro platform can make money transfer

Wang Yewu asked for the mountain asked water display name card (Beijing) general manager of limited company of science and technology, who founded the China tea net. The website address is “microshift gold” of Tongzhou office.

“Health care advertising micro to pick up some major gold can not be put in the formal platform.” Wang Yewu introduction, the platform advertising mainly in three ways: one is to pay, click on the article, through the advertising to the product page, 0.5 yuan each; two is according to the amount of reading, the product written in the article, add products and personal micro signal QQ, a reading of 0.35 yuan; there is a is electricity, advertising will allow consumers to leave the phone, and then to each platform phone 60 yuan sold to businesses.

Wang Yewu explained that there is a system platform, advertisers and the platform can see, read every day how many phones are registered. Advertisers make each other phone, also have a gimmick, “send small gifts to each other, it will take the initiative to leave a phone, address, advertisers put the information back, then call for active marketing.”

In the micro rotating gold platform, Wang Yewu took care of breast beauty products to a higher risk of classified advertising, each click, advertisers need to pay 0.5 yuan. Paying advertisers business through prepaid recharge mode. For example, a health food advertising a month’s budget is fifty thousand yuan, advertisers to recharge fifty thousand, then click on the article of consumption, consumption and then recharge.

Wang Yewu said it was another forwarding platform responsible person confirmed. Forwarding platform with a large number of registered users to attract advertisers. Each click, advertisers pay by 0.35 yuan to 0.5 yuan.

According to the data given by Wang Yewu, if 100 thousand + reading, a chicken soup in the advertising expenses amounted to 3.5 yuan, excluding the cost of forwarding platform each click of a 0.03 yuan to 0.05 yuan, a 100 thousand + chicken soup, forwarding platform at least earn 30 thousand yuan.

Wang Yewu said, want to make money, to play the edge ball, similar to gold micro platform also involves the MLM, forwarding according to inverted Pyramid structure into one by one, into more to the upper users get more. He said that the main platform microshift gold in addition to weight loss, health care advertising, and Feng Shui class brave and high imitation watch ads, these appear in the TV shopping ads on WeChat, now moved to the circle of friends.

Market and regulatory gaps in disorder

A forwarding platform for internal staff, the initial rise of forwarding platform is the face of WeChat group, accompanied by the development of WeChat and flooding.

“At the end of last year, the business volume reached a peak in forwarding platform. With this phenomenon, the strength of the title screen WeChat also began to increase. A lot of accumulation of a large number of users forwarding platform is developed by APP. Or by the public number of links to the third party to avoid.” He said.

Network security industry said that WeChat is just emerging, some people found the use of the cash flow method.

False advertising to make money

“More and more interference in the circle of friends, only that there is a problem.” The network security sources said, the three or four line of the city and just use WeChat in the elderly love forward events and health chicken frightful to the ear and other articles, criminals are using this, implantation of false advertising in the article, in order to profit.

He said that the current forwarding platform, similar to the age of the Internet personal webmaster, the technique is relatively close, there are many small, with content from other sites, with minor modifications to the propaganda, after a certain flow rate, for advertising. After some informal health care products, fake and shoddy goods advertising is mainly invested in some small sites, now will be transferred to positions of WeChat circle of friends.

“Now for this type of APP regulation, can not be said to be a loophole, but a blank. The program itself is not illegal, but the use of procedures to stem illegal things, it is difficult to control.” The network security sources said.

In March 10, 2016, WeChat announced that the punishment of “induced behavior forwarding money, brush brush list”, including the form of punishment, some restrictions on account delete ability or blocked account etc..

In this regard, the WeChat team responded that “a lot of forwarding platform into all external links, WeChat has the corresponding management standards, the main measures are based on user reports.”

But for the existence of false advertising, WeChat team said, for such malicious ads appear in WeChat, WeChat is the victim.

According to a business system insiders, currently in the circle of friends do advertising regulation is blank. At present, the business can do is prompt risk. The source explained that WeChat and other network transactions hidden, can not provide invoices and other relevant evidence, if there are complaints, selling products of one party can disappear at will, so that regulators can not find the parties.

“As a derivative, it is not qualified, not good supervision, like private transactions between two people.” The person suggested that for the derivative by consumer reports online and offline integration management, mainly from the commodity and the service provider whether have the relevant qualifications, whether to publish false information, whether the alleged pyramid scheme and carry out daily supervision.

This paper comes from the Beijing News:

Fat tiger: female doctor from 140 pounds to 96 pounds, had to admit very extreme weight loss

Fat tiger: female doctor from 140 pounds to 96 pounds, had to admit very extreme weight loss Abstract: men never know the woman to be thin and beautiful, has experienced many pain and struggle for the fat woman, the most touching words are not “I love you”, but “you lost”!

A man never knew the woman to be thin and beautiful, has experienced many pain and struggle for the fat woman, the most touching words are not “I love you”, but “you lost”!

(hereinafter as “silent” share)


I was the mother of two children

I have a love my husband

I spent 3 years studying Chinese medicine and Western medicine for 4 years

I am now 96 pounds

My name is silent

Once, I am also a 140 pounds of fat

My pride, let me not even pictures of courage

Only one of my 120 jins photo


In high school I was a 96 pounds of normal people

Happy and healthy and confident

A summer vacation sick on steroids for half a month

From 96 pounds to 110 pounds of fat.

Oh, I was fat

Just talk a few months boyfriend broke up with me

Because I’m too fat, feel very embarrassed

I can’t bear such ridicule

I want to lose weight

I want to lose weight

I have to lose weight

I tried a different method

Eat the apple diet weight loss, weight loss, weight loss tea etc.

With diet bring dizziness

With diarrhea during the class has been on the toilet, even archoptosis

Finally, Sibutramine lost the

(later known QuMei have prohibited ingredients sibutramine)

Anyway, at least I’m not so heavy

But obesity, sometimes like a curse

After birth, I’m fat to more than 120 pounds

There was no Sibutramine, began to try a new diet

Knead the fat diet, acupuncture weight loss, exercise to lose weight

The funny thing is not less but more and more fat.

I began to self abasement

Began to suspect that her husband is not someone out there

He came home late in the evening I will send anonymous fire

Then began to quarrel

After regret, remorse

I get depressed

Begin to see a psychiatrist

Lived a miserable life

Later I was pregnant with her second child

That is because the policy does not allow the second child

So I hide in the home of Cixi

In the home, what activities do not need to do

Eat and sleep well and pregnancy

My weight from more than 120 pounds

The sudden increase to 146 pounds!

The summer vacation, my 6 year old son to Cixi

The first son saw me cry

Because I thought he didn’t see me too long

Excited and wronged cry

The evening asked him why he was crying, he said:

“Mom, I don’t want you so fat,

000 life not thin down the baby how to do?”

I told him:

“The birth of your brother, will slim down!”

He said: “if, if not thin?”

I guarantee, he didn’t stop crying!

I couldn’t think, my fat

A 6 year old child has so much influence

Perhaps, in his eyes, my mother is young and beautiful

I once again the firm belief to lose weight!

After the month, I started to lose weight Road

A search on the Internet for imported drugs

(although I know are not regular, and there are contraband)

But I had no choice.

I was worried about my husband found

Is found, will be scolded by him, will be thrown away

So I always eat secretly

Eat for a week, really lost ten kilograms

But then I started back with neck pain.

The pain to the neck are not straight up

Need to lay all day

I think I made a cervical spondylosis

Then do massage, acupuncture, did not ease

Then began the day in disorderly fashion forgetful.

I went to the hospital to take cervical vertebra, no problem

Go to shoot the brain CT, no problem

The doctor just said:

You are so young,

Should not be too early to Alzheimer’s disease.

Hearing this, I suddenly cried in the hospital

Then suddenly realized, may weight-loss drug problems

Then I stopped for a week, it alleviated the symptoms

Not eating for a month, and slowly on the weight

I like a drug

Eat this medicine reducing weight, lean 7-8 pounds

Then stopped for several weeks, rebound 8 pounds

And maintained for more than 2 years

I’m afraid in case of sudden sleep not to wake up

But my son’s commitment to cash

In order to regain confidence

In order to reduce the quarrel, I had no choice.

Until one day, I saw a rose sent black people in the circle of friends

In his own weight data.

I’m curious (he has a good way to lose weight?)

He then looked at the thin down imperceptibly

(from 93.6kg to 75.4kg)

When I see this comparison, I am very excited

I am looking forward to his share

One day to see black people in the circle of friends issued recruitment

Need a part of obesity weight management in a camp

I will sign up for the first time

Although I was only 113 pounds.

But always rely on illegal drugs to maintain

I am looking forward to shake off the drug like life

My husband and I spent 3 years studying the western medicine, 4 years of traditional Chinese Medicine

Although for various reasons did not go to the hospital.

But for the obesity caused by diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver

But deep

In the hospital, really no good way to let them lose weight

The most is to let the patient pay attention to diet, exercise more exercise

Some doctors in the treatment of obesity

Just playing a special trick

They don’t eat fat requirements

(although they do not know this point!)

Professional courses Dr. Chen, deeply attracted me

Let me understand the principle of scientific diet

During the training period

Professor Chen let us write your goals to lose weight

I fill in under 100 catties, very hesitant

I think from 113 pounds to 105 pounds on the same

But I write the target is 96 pounds

I wish I were back in University period, the weight before the wedding

Even to your dreams or


(before data: the body fat rate of 26.9%)

In December 14th 15

Officially give up drugs, start eating biscuits

Three days ago, high-speed eat

Three meals a day to support cookies

But the old to eat high calorie delicacy

Fortunately, control

Body fat data after three days as follows


The body fat rate dropped to 25.1%

3 days lost 4 pounds

Surprise, I still insist on eating then

And a total of 23 days to eat cookies

With 4 boxes, but eat more

During desensitization and catch up with the Spring Festival, so a lot of waste

From 56.3 kg to 48.7 kg thinner

Waist from 65cm to 80cm

If I am in strict accordance with the method of black people to eat

Now the situation is better than

So if you eat the cookies

Please remember to

According to the specified method to eat

During eat fat tiger, face and body to pay

Thin down after the skin than before water embellish luster

I have my love of two children

I have a love of my husband

I have a very good team

My success from 140 pounds to 96 pounds of lean

I am now a private body fat Management Coach

My name is silent

Don’t make excuses for their efforts

This will only make you more mediocrity;

Don’t make excuses for their obesity,

This will only make you more lost;

Fat coach WeChat: 97702791

7 days of fasting enzyme is fat, broken

7 days of fasting enzyme is fat, broken Abstract: many people believe that in this way to lose weight eating, affected by a crime, the fat is fat, still did not change, this is why? After all is the wrong way.

I believe many people lose weight in this way to eat the loss, by a crime, the fat is fat, still did not change, this is why? After all is the wrong way.

7 days off the fat enzyme fasting, water

The enzyme is the primary way to lose weight, health science, enzyme is the body’s “enzyme” using the enzyme instead of three meals a day can help burning fat, originally hoarding sterols, but also accelerate the metabolism of the body, and toxins in the gut Supian decomposition deposition in particular folds, but, waist and areca elephant legs obese people.

Compared to other diet pills, slimming tea, enzyme is less fat, but not the water body. Most weight-loss products add laxative ingredients, after use will stimulate intestinal defecation, even one day will be ranked 3-4, in the body will feel relaxed after defecation, in fact most of them are in the body of water, when suddenly after overeating, will find the weight straight up.

7 days of ferment fast?

The 7 day fasting enzyme is a scientific basis. The enzyme itself exists in our body, but with the influence of age and environmental factors, enzymes will gradually decrease. Coupled with diet will make the original enzyme exhausted, so enzyme fasting is not only a method to help the consumption of fat, also can make up for the lack of the enzyme in the body, maintain the normal levels of the enzyme in vivo.

On the 7 day of fasting enzyme method, in addition to the 7 day period of fasting, and 3 days of preparation period and 3 days of refeeding period, a total of 13 days. The process will allow the body to adjust slowly, can quickly adapt to the fasting period, so only the edible ferment and water on the 7 day of fasting, do not eat any of the food will not affect any, this is because the enzyme in the consumption of fat, also can produce heat to maintain the body’s operation and nutrition supply, so no threat to health.

Bai Najib enzymes, let you enjoy the thin thin

Taiwan Bai Najib enzyme “is the compound Vegetable & Fruit enzymes, 79 kinds of seasonal ingredients as raw materials plant condensate extraction Chiayi County Alishan original ecological farm, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, in the brewing process in 545 days not to add flavor, pigment and other chemical additives, in order to ensure the activity of enzymes and probiotics at the same time also, to ensure the pure taste, contains 700 kinds of enzymes, cellulose and minerals and other nutrients, efficiency is the other enzymes to drink, extract several times.

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